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About SEO services
A little about the process

About SEO services

I offer Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services tailored for small and medium size businesses for WordPress based websites only. You have probably noticed that other companies or individuals offer SEO packages and are probably wondering why I do not. Since everything I do is bespoke, I cannot offer any kind of packages. Everything I do is tailored to the specific needs of my client. Some might need a better on-site optimisation, implementation of rich snippets (or structured data as it is newly named by Google), while others might need a content marketing strategy. If you are in the process of developing or redeveloping your website then 100 links and 2000 social bookmarks won’t make a difference, what you need is guidance to have SEO ‘best practicesbuilt-in. No two clients’ needs are the same.


My hourly rate is £50/h and I do not work for projects requiring less than 14 hours per month. That means that my minimum charge is £700 per month. The projects I agree to work on are priced based on:

  • your allocated SEO budget (or at least a rough idea of how much you spend/are willing to) – SEO is not how much it costs but rather how much you can afford (obviously, the more you spend the more quickly you can improve your rankings)
  • an estimation of the time required considering how difficult it is to improve visibility for targeted keywords in a few months’ time

SEO takes time and is getting increasing sophisticated and difficult, especially with the latest Google algorithm updates (see Panda and Penguin), so it is always better to focus on a couple of keywords if your budget is not sufficient to tackle them all rather than not getting anywhere. e.g. Considering all things equal, rather than ranking for 10 keywords on the second page it is much better to rank for 5 on the first page and not to rank at all for the other 5. After the 5 keywords first page rankings have been achieved, we can turn our attention to the second lot. Whenever I commit to work on a project, I do my best to ensure the resources (e.g. the number of hours allocated monthly) will be enough to make an impact so the project will get traction.

A bit about the process

There are no two SEO campaigns alike, but roughly the first steps are:

  1. We agree on the keywords we will work on and the amount of time
  2. A detailed SEO onsite analysis will be carried on with the changes required to be made to your website
  3. Offsite optimisation
  4. After about 6 months’ time we review the campaign and decide if any changes are to be made to the strategy

Additionally, each month a report is issued with important metrics to measure the progress of the SEO campaign. If you still have some unanswered questions or would like to get in touch, please use the contact page, thank you!